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What will a video
"Open House"do for me?

  • Attracts more attention to your listing.
  • Guides views through the home with a live, professional host
  • Presents your home always in its best light,
  • Makes your listing STAND OUT from the crowd


VMHL shoots all kinds of video (see some examples here), but we specialize in luxury home tours. A VMLH video allows your buyers to be taken through each home in full-frame, full-motion video by a professional presenter. They'll get a sense of size, style, and perspective that's just not possible from a photo.
Why should I get a
video "Open House"?

  • Saves you time and effort holding open houses
  • Pre-qualifies "Tire-Kickers"
  • Attracts out-of-town buyers and investors
  • One-time investment for the length of your listing.

ELC Photography:

If you haven't heard of ELC photography, be prepared to be blown away. By utilzing a combination of multiple simultaenous exposures and custom Photoshop settings, we've pioneered a revolution in real estate photography. But a picture is worth a 1000 words. Come and take a look. is a division of PrimeImage Media. For any other kind of video you'd like to produce, from web video, to commericals and promotions, to training and HR videos, please visit us at Thanks!

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